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Recoleta PERSONAL PRICING® grows shopper loyalty by displaying the offers that individual shoppers want on their computers, smartphones and tablets.

Recoleta PERSONAL PRICING® analyzes shopper purchases to determine which shoppers will respond to particular offers, whether those offers are sourced from CPGs, from coupon networks or come directly from retailers. Recoleta PERSONAL PRICING® accommodates a range of offer types (personal discounts, retailer sale items, manufacturer coupons) and permits retailers to apply their own particular business rules to the products included within those offer types.


Increase loyalty, visits and spending through the promotion of personally relevant sale items, relevant manufacturers’ coupons and personalized promotional prices. While a retailer’s sale items may number in the thousands each week, print budgets limit the number that can fit in the traditional printed circular. The printed circular itself is mired in irrelevance, as only 10% or so of the content so painstakingly assembled and expensively delivered in the printed circular is of interest to any individual shopper. Recoleta PERSONAL PRICING® overcomes the waste of one-size-fits-all printed circulars with a personalized, all-digital, retailer-branded circular that shoppers can access on their computers, tablets and smartphones.

Offering personal prices and digital manufacturers’ coupons is no longer a “nice-to-have” feature on grocer websites, as connected shoppers now expect the convenience of paperless redemption at the point of sale. With Recoleta PERSONAL PRICING®, the unique, personalized set of digital offers provided to an individual shopper is assembled with that shopper’s purchase history and preferences in mind.

Recoleta PERSONAL PRICING® lets retailers target individual shoppers with deeper discounts than may be affordably offered to absolutely all loyalty card users. These personal discounts are redeemed for items designated by the grocer in keeping with the relevance-driven display enabled by Recoleta’s personalization engine.


Recoleta PERSONAL PRICING® uses unique shopper profiles to help build trial of new products, create and retain loyal users and recover and rebuild eroded loyalty. Identifying likely buyers of new products is made simpler when their purchasing preferences of existing products are known. An especially attractive offer can resuscitate lapsed users and nip brand switching in the bud at the first sign of defection.

CPG companies can use Recoleta PERSONAL PRICING® in different ways. Digital coupons can reward existing buyers of their products or offer an incentive to shoppers who buy a competitor’s brand. Special offers or combinations of offers can be displayed to shoppers who purchase certain numbers or combinations of products during determined periods.


Recoleta PERSONAL PRICING® delivers relevance-ranked personalized offers that are all-digital, and loaded to shopper loyalty cards for paperless redemption at the point of sale.

Saving money is easy with Recoleta PERSONAL PRICING®, as shoppers don’t have to sift through hundreds of offers that are irrelevant to them to arrive at the ones they’re interested in. Recoleta PERSONAL PRICING® uses a powerful algorithm to ensure that all offers shown to shoppers are relevant, based on transaction histories and interactions with the personalized shopper loyalty system.

Personalized email marketing brings shoppers to their personalized offers, which in turn bring these increasingly loyal shoppers to the store to save more money than ever before on their favorite brands and products. The convenience of digital promotions makes enthusiastic savers out of shoppers who may never have cut out a coupon before in their lives, and whose basket sizes and visit frequency grow in proportion to their growing loyalty to their favorite grocer.

Flexibility And Customization Make Recoleta Personal Pricing® The Right Choice

Recoleta PERSONAL PRICING® uses technology designed as a modular system, making interconnection with POS and accounting systems simple and straightforward. The flexibility engineered into Recoleta PERSONAL PRICING® makes functionality customization very efficient, even in IT environments with challenging infrastructural requirements and/or limitations.